123s of Watercoloring with Simbalion

123s of Watercoloring with Simbalion 2


Seems like a big word. The process of working on an artwork has overwhelmed so many artists in the past. But does it really need to be that hard? Simbalion watercolor makes it just as easy as 1,2 and 3!

ONE: Everyone can use Simbalion watercolor!

May you be a newbie or an experienced artist, Simbalion watercolor is easy to use. It is in pan with a “palette” like cover on the other side, so you can easily experiment with colors! No special tricks needed.

TWO: The colors are vibrant!

Simbalion watercolor has a “pastel” like color finish that makes any artwork vibrant and colorful. Simbalion spells g-o-o-d v-i-b-e-s!

THREE: You have a lot of choices!

Number of colors range from 8 to 36! So if you’re feeling like experimenting with only 8 colors or feeling extremely sunny that you want to use 36 pre-mixed colors, it is your choice!
So there, the journey to the next watercolor masterpiece is easy as 1, 2 and 3 with Simbalion watercolor.


Image credit: Aina