5 Reasons Why You Should Get Scribbler Pens

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Scribbler Pens

1. They come in sets so choosing a color is never going to be a problem. 

Scribbler Calligraphy Brush MarkersScribbler Watercolor Brush Pens Scribbler Dual Brush Pen

2. It’s easy to mix and match colors that make for a great artwork.

Artwork using Scribbler Calligraphy Brush MarkersArtwork using Scribbler watercolor brush pensArtwork using Scribbler Dual Tip brush pens

3. You can do both thick and thin strokes with the same brushes. 

Scribbler Watercolor Brush Pen Scribbler Dual Tip Brush Pen

4. They’re very easy to use.

5. Scribbler pens are of good quality at low prices. 

Scribbler Pens are available in almost ALL SM Stationery stores.

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