5 Faber Castell Gift Ideas #FaberCastellWishlist


5 Faber Castell Gift Ideas #FaberCastellWishlist

Whether an artist or an artist-wanna-be, there is definitely a Faber Castell product for everyone this Christmas season! Here are some of the best gift to get your creative juices flowing:

1 Connector Pens

1. Connector Pens

Connector Pens impress with their 80 bright & bold colors! The caps allow the markers to be clipped together for easy organization & clean-up. You can even create crazy toys from there! Connector Pens are perfect for coloring, drawing & lettering! A must-have if you love to collect a wide variety of cool, bright, warm and pastel colors.


2 Calligraphy Brush Pens

2. Calligraphy Brush Pens

Master the art of beautiful handwriting without breaking the bank! Calligraphy Brush Pen is a good starter pen as the flexible tip is easy to control allowing you to create thick & thin strokes. These brush pens are very affordable! You can already get a set of 12 colors for P399.75 only! The ink is also non-toxic, water-based & child-safe.


3 Connector Watercolor Paint

3. Connector Paint Watercolor

You’ll be loving the creative design and outstanding functionality of our Connector Paint Watercolor! The paint pots can be individually combined helping you to learn about colors through play. The brilliant colors have high coverage and can be perfectly mixed making them ideally suited for all techniques and uses in school and at home.


4 Classic Colour Pencils

4. Classic Colour Pencils

May your day be as colorful as these Classic Color Pencils! These classic, hexagonal colored pencils feature vivid and highly pigmented color. Ideal for different coloring and blending techniques. A special bonding process makes Faber-Castell Pencil leads super break-resistant and easy to sharpen. 

Now available in 60 color in Metal Case! It also comes with FREE Graphite Pencil, Sharpener & Eraser!


5 Pastel-barrel ballpens

5. Pastel-barrel Ballpens

Everyone loves pastel colors! Get the Faber-Castell fancy pastel colored barrel ballpoint pens to level up your writing! It’s not only pleasing to the eyes, Faber-Castell also provides a superb writing experience due to its ergonomic design and super smooth ink flow.

And here they are! The top 5 Faber-Castell Gift Ideas & Wish list to fulfill this season!