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JBL Focus 700 In-Ear Wireless Sport Headphones


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SKU: 10088551

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  • Up to 8 hours of wireless Bluetooth playback
  • Up to 16 hours of extended battery life
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • Great sound performance to your active lifestyle
  • Active Noise Cancellation

Customer Reviews

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Sent a Focus 500 instead of 700 and given ridiculous reason why they’re the same

I’ve been happy with other JBL speakers and earphones so was excited when I received my order and, after fully charging it, connected to my phone via Bluetooth. The phone showed that I was connected to a focus 500 not focus 700. I looked at the tag on the device wire and it said focus 500. I didn’t really care if the sound was good. I tried listening to it with a jazz track and it was terrible so I switched to an R&B track and it was just as bad. I’m not picky so when I say terrible, it was terrible. I do a fair amount of video chat each day so I thought I could at least use it for that. The device seems to have some kind of dampener for extraneous sound but what it does is amplify sound around the person I’m speaking to while dampening their voice. For example, plastic wrappers being opened by the person I’m speaking to are louder than their voice.
I tried to return it because it was not a focus 700 but was told that because it came with a carrying case that can be used to re-charge the device the focus500 is now magically a focus 700. That’s ridiculous in my opinion. If my dog jumps in the car and sits behind the steering wheel it does not make him a driver.
I am now P3,000 poorer for a device my kids didn’t want and I threw away.
SM stationery needs to do a better job vetting and avoid using sellers that do this nonsense.

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