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It is no secret that writing with a new ballpen can be one of the most satisfying experiences. Whether you're jotting down notes for school, writing to-do lists for work, or doodling in your journal, having a reliable ballpen is essential. 

Gel ink pens provide a smooth writing experience with vivid colors and a glossy finish. These pens are available in different colors and sizes, perfect for doodling and sketching, or for writing down notes in style. Meanwhile, a ballpen is best for everyday handwriting on paper and comes in regular black, blue, and red colors.

Whether you opt for a ballpen or a gel ink pen, the type of ink used will determine the quality of your writing and the longevity of your writing. A ballpen’s tip size is also something you should consider as different sizes of ball pens offer different writing experiences. 

While it is easy to find a ballpen in any stationery store, not all ball pens offer the same writing experience. If you're looking for a smooth and precise writing experience, then you should check out SM Stationery's ballpen collection

We offer a wide range of ballpen and gel ink pens for all writing needs! From Faber castell ballpen to Dong-A ballpen and more, we got you covered with a variety of pens in different colors and tip sizes. 

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