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Whiteboards are commonly used for learning activities, collaborative work presentations, pitching ideas, and even jotting down reminders. It makes learning and presenting easier with just a quick stroke of a marker.

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Learn and collaborate

There is a wide assortment of whiteboards on the market for every school and work need. It can range from traditional whiteboards like porcelain, painted steel, and melamine material to glass whiteboards and magnetic whiteboards.

Quartet is one of the stationery brands that offer a line of magnetic dry-erase boards you can use to write or post important board presentations and reminders. Each board comes with its own dry-erase marker and round magnets so it can also double as a marker bulletin board!

When it comes to sizes, a selection of mini whiteboards is perfect for kids’ activities and learning sessions at school and home. In contrast, large whiteboards are ideal for office use. Whiteboard planners are also a convenient type for those who want to keep their plans organized like the Magnetic Whiteboard Set Checklist.

Pin down ideas and more

Stack notes, photos, calendars, reminders, and more on one convenient board! Great for all posting needs, our corkboards are another convenient stationery item that can be used as a bulletin board or mood board. It is best to use in spaces such as home offices, cubicles, or dorm rooms with its natural aesthetic cork surface.

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