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You don’t have to trouble yourself finding an important school or office document in a pile of papers with the ever-convenient file folders! Specially made to organize a bunch of papers and cover important school or office files from dirt, file sheaths are mainly used for filing and storage of documents.

With its built-in label tabs and assorted colors available, these stationery finds make it a breeze to arrange any paperwork as well. Get all your filing needs with SM Stationery’s collection of folding covers you can shop for!

For every filing need

Basic file folders come in long and short sizes and sometimes have a plastic gauge cover. While it is the most common and essential stationery for school and office needs, other variations are available on the market for all your storage and filing purposes! 

Colored document folders are a great option if you want to sort your documents in a color-coded system! SM Stationery offers packs of long-colored and short-colored folders at affordable prices.

Students and office workers use kraft and manila folders for the same filing system purposes. Moroccan and pressboard binders are a much better option if you need a durable material to keep documents from tears and wrinkles. Some of these file binders also come with a slide bar to secure documents in place without having to punch holes. 

Other than paper binders, clear folders with a plastic front cover are best for document presentations at work as it allows you to scan through documents easily.

We carry a range of file binders in different colors, sizes, and functions for all your filing and storage needs in school and work! Buy affordable and excellent quality paper folders and office folders. Nurture school and workplace productivity with complete stationery supplies available at!