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Stocking up on your school or office essentials is always a good idea. Make sure you have enough reams of copy paper supplies for all your office needs—whether for everyday printing and photocopying tasks or for preparing important reports, memos, and letters. 

Work days are more productive when you have a complete supply of paper in the office. SM Stationery is your go-to shop for all office paper needs, from bond paper reams of all sizes to different types of copy paper. 

Write, print, and copy

Having quality paper delivers smudge-free texts and images for every print and copy. Our multi-purpose coupon bond paper collection carries trusted paper brands in the Philippines such as Advance, Avia, Hard Copy, Low Price, and more. 

Paper One is among the best brands most offices prefer for digital print and copy needs. Their Digital Presentation Paper is ideal for producing high-impact documents with inkjet or laser printer, while their Copier Paper will make graphics and texts appear sharp and easy to read.

Copy paper choices

Copy paper comes in different size options like the standard short bond paper and long bond paper—A3 and A4 copy paper sizes are also in stock at SM Stationery. If you are looking for budget-friendly bundles, the 20 to 50 sheets per pack are available below Php 100 only! You can also enjoy a better deal with the 500 sheets per bond paper reams available on hand. 

At SM Stationery, you can get the finest copier paper for your everyday print tasks at the office! Shop online at and discover the lowest price guaranteed on bond paper, copy paper reams, and more!