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With the comeback of face-to-face classes, students and teachers now need school pads and school sheets for lesson plans, quizzes, portfolios, and art projects. SM Stationery offers a wide variety of paper choices to suit your needs and budget. Whether you need a pad of paper for class, a writing pad for work, or yellow pad paper for your office, we have it all.

Quality in every sheet

At SM Stationery, we offer high-quality school pads that are designed to make your work easier and more efficient. 

The Low Price Quiz Pad Paper Set will prepare you for any type of quiz. It is economical and practical as the set already gives you an intermediate pad paper, ¼ sheets, ½ lengthwise, and ½ crosswise sheets of paper.  Each pad contains 80 leaves with book paper quality. 

Bring out the artist in you with SM Stationery! If you're looking for good-quality art paper for collages, we have Low Price Art Paper. Our Hard Copy bond paper is perfect for all your arts and crafts. It is tough enough to withstand water-based paints and felt-tip markers without tearing! Plot graphs of functions and draw curves with ease using our Low Price Graphing Paper

With Low Price Poster Paper, you can create elegant and eye-catching posters for your shop, event, concert, or just for fun. Trace an image or picture precisely with our tracing paper. Use it to trace and transfer any pattern, sketch, or design with complete precision. 

We have various school essential stationery products, including writing pads, yellow pad paper, and school sheets. Shop now at!