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Looking for a perfect way to organize, store, and carry important documents in a book-like organizer? With the perfect balance of clarity and affordability, our clear book products are the perfect solutions for your document management needs. 

Organizing just got easier

A clear book folder will take care of the organization for you. Just put everything into folders and file it accordingly. You'll never have another paper pile again!

If you're an artist, designer, or architect, you'll love the Refillable Clear Book in A4 Size. You can store all your sketches in one place. And it's also great for travel planners to keep all their itineraries and requirements in order.

King Refillable Clear Book is made out of clear plastic, making it economical for students to arrange their assignments and projects neatly! It has 20 pockets with a spiral binding for pages. With its long size, you can store and organize papers of all sizes. 

Keep your documents neat and orderly with a Refillable Clear Book FC Size Pack of 3. This durable PP cover protects your documents, with 20 pockets in each book. There are four colors to pick from: blue, red, black, and green. 

Seagull Clear Book Refill is made of a durable and clear plastic paper material. They come in packs of 10 and are sold in different document sizes. 

With our short and long clear book options, you can easily file your portfolio, documents, and more! Shop for your filing needs and supplies now at!