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Have you ever felt that your highlighters were too dull? Or too light? Or not enough colors? If yes, SM Stationery is here with the best highlighters pens on the market with premium quality materials and perfect design.

A better highlighter

SM Stationery’s highlighter collection consists of ultra-modern colors with a sleek and chic design that's always on trend. Whether you're writing on the go or taking notes in class, you'll love how easy these highlighter pens are in highlighting important passages on paper.

Faber Castel’s pastel highlighter pens are perfect for all papers: books, notebooks, history, art, and documents. The universal water-based ink will ensure that your notes and papers remain clean and crisp. The Faber Castell Textliner 46 Pastel Set has three line widths: 1mm, 2mm, and 5mm. They also come in Rose, Apricot, Lilac, Pale Blue, Turquoise, and Aqua.

Faber Castell Textliner Pen 38 pack of 4 is a highlighter in pencil shape with clip. It is ideal for all normal and special papers in common use, and its universal water-based ink ensures a super-fluorescent marking. The thin and broad line widths can be used to highlight text.

Our Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighter is perfect for all your paper and ink needs. Its water-based ink is perfect for copying, faxing, and highlighting, while our anti-dry-out technology with four-hour cap off time. The smart design saves space in your pencil case, so you have more room for all your essentials.

Highlight anything and everything!

You'll never find a better highlighter pen at prices and deals that fit your budget. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our selection of marker pens for highlights and more! Shop now at