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Correction Tape Set 3s

SM Stationery


Maped Technic 600 Eraser Pack of 2



Maped Technic Duo Eraser Pack of 2



Tombow Mono Plastic Eraser - White



Tombow Mono Dust Catch Eraser - Black



Rewrite Correction Tape CT-01



Rewrite Pen Type Correction Tape



Rewrite Correction Tape CT-02



Yamayo Mini Correction Tapes Pack of 10
Sold Out
Yamayo Mini Correction Tapes Pack of 10




 We have gotten used to just pressing the delete button every time we make mistakes on documents typed on a computer. But what happens when we spot errors on printed documents or on notes written with ink?

Don’t panic just yet. Thankfully, the best correction tapes are at SM Stationery. Rewrite correction tapes ensure smooth and precise application with a single stroke. Yamayo correction tapes come in a pack of 6 and offer value for money. The Plus correction tape features an ergonomic pen-style design and a flexible head for ease of use. It’s also refillable and non-toxic.

For pencil drawings and notes, SM Stationery has erasers for pencils from Maped. These erasers are easy to hold and leave no residue or smudge marks and contain no PVC. 

With correction tapes and erasers, it’s easier to start on a clean slate. Shop now at SM Stationery at The SM Store or log on at
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