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Construction Paper Assorted Colors 8 X 11.8" 20 Sheets

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  • Enhance your creativity with our Construction Paper in assorted colors. Each pack includes 20 sheets, measuring 8x11.8 inches, perfect for school projects and scrapbooking.
  • Use it for teaching paraphernalia or to indulge in your love for arts and crafts. Get yours today and start creating!

SM Stationery offers top-quality construction paper for crafting, scrapbooking, and art projects. Our colored construction papers will bring your creative craft ideas to life! This construction paper has 20 sheets of assorted colors per pack, so you can use one or more for whatever project you have in mind.  

The superior quality of our construction paper assorted makes it the perfect choice for all types of arts and crafts projects. Its thick texture allows fine details like letters or shapes to emerge crisply, giving them dimension and depth on the page. Whether kids are cutting up strips into simple flowers or adults folding intricate origami pieces from their boards, these colored construction papers fold flat quickly under pressure yet remain sturdy throughout every masterpiece creation process.

Colorful dreams become realities where it all begins here at SM Stationery. Shop for construction paper today and let the creativity flow undisturbed!