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Need a stronger and faster solution to put together materials? SM Stationery has the perfect solution—staple wires and gun tackers from Arrow! These products are perfect tools for DIYers because they work faster than nailing or gluing. Find a wide range of Arrow staple products for all your stapling needs, including staple wires and gun takers. 

Gun Tackers & Staple Wires

Arrow is a trusted brand when it comes to staple guns. Their selection of staple guns can reliably attach hard materials for any craft project at home and school. It’s ideal to use for any general repairs, DIY projects, and professional uses. Choose from their range of light-duty to heavy-duty gun tackers. 

Of course, their gun tackers wouldn’t work without gun tacker staple wire. These staple wires are compatible with Arrow JT21, JT27, TT21, Easyshot 5650, and most Stanley light-duty gun tackers. 

Get all these Arrow DIY at SM Stationery! Discover our selection of Arrow staple products online at