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SM Stationery is your one-stop shop for stationery items like memo pads, premium paper, and cartolina that will add a splash of color to your desk. Luckily, SM Stationery has a selection of Avia craft papers so you can express your creativity!

In this collection, you’ll find Avia’s wide range of colorful memo pads, premium colored paper, and cartolina sheets that will be perfect for your every project.

Let your creativity flow

Whether you're taking notes in class, on the job, or just writing down your thoughts, Avia colors memo pads are a pen, paper, and color explosion waiting to happen. Add some flair to the day with our neon-colored memo pads. 

Find a better way to print. The Avia premium colored paper is perfect whether you need letterhead, business cards, or brochures. Its thick and textured paper surface absorbs ink quickly and resists smudging for high-quality prints. With 250 sheets in every pack, you can print in bulk without worrying about running out of your favorite paper.

You can't go wrong with the high-quality Avia bright-colored cartolina. Thanks to its non-staining properties, it's perfect for greeting cards, covers, inserts, folders, brochures, return mailers, menus, displays, and posters. It is an excellent material for DIY crafts and school projects. 

Quality craft materials

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the world around us, Avia paper products have a wide range of colors, from light pastels to deep hues. That's why so many artists and crafters choose Avia products over those of other brands. Shop now at!