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Bensia nonsharpening pencils are stronger than regular mechanical pencils. They are easier to use without the hassle of a sharpener. They are colorful, non-sharpening pencils with erasers that are full of vibrant colors.

If you're sick of having to sharpen your pencils, we have the solution! You can now shop for Bensia non-sharpening pencils at SM Stationery! Just twist off the cap and remove the pre-sharpened refill in the barrel, and you're ready to go. You won't have to worry about having a blunt pencil anymore. 

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Get creative, get inspired

Using a non-sharpening pencil from Bensia can be a fun experience for kids. These pencils are full of vibrant colors, making writing and drawing more interesting and engaging. Since these pencils don't require sharpening, kids won't have to worry about breaking the lead or dealing with a blunt tip. 

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