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Traveling as we know it—and the travel essentials that we need to pack, has changed. These days, we have to be mindful of social distancing policies and make sure all surfaces that we touch are sanitized at all times.

Be ready for any trip with travel supplies from SM Stationery. We've got the right air purifiers and PPE supplies so you can be confident in your safety.

Protect yourself as you travel

If you're looking to protect your health, home, and the environment from pollutants, then it all starts with the right essential protective equipment. SM Stationery is the place to get personal protective equipment and the best air purifiers for home and office use.

Whether you've got a room size of 35 to 50 sqm or are concerned about smoke in the air, the iFuture Air Purifier is your best choice. It removes up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger from the air, including smoke and pollen. It does this with a HEPA filter and negative ions, which are released when you turn it off. The touch control is also easy to use. 

The iFuture Necklace Anion Air Purifier is designed to be lightweight and super quiet, so you can wear it anytime, anywhere—at work, in the car, or even on airplanes. You can use it anytime you need a quick refresh of fresh air. With 6 million m3 of negative ions per second, this device will neutralize particles such as dust or bacteria. The necklace also features a long battery life. 

Wearing this shield around you always protects you from the sun and other things in the outside world. The acrylic material is tough and durable, so you don't need to worry about it cracking or breaking easily. One size will fit most, so this purchase will have a lifetime of use!

Essential protection for every profession

With the same determination and hard work that you put into your work, we make sure to bring you the best air purifiers and PPE supplies available. Your safety is our priority, so we're always innovating to bring you the latest in safety equipment to keep you protected. Shop now at!