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Your health (and that of your family’s) is your most asset so it’s best to invest in personal protective equipment to help ensure your safety, now more than ever.

Whether you need something on-the-go or for the home, the best air purifiers are at SM Stationery. The iFuture Necklace Aninion Air Purifier provides highly efficient negative ion air purification that filters out pollutants in the air. It’s compact, quiet, easy to use, and its battery lasts for hours.

Get peace of mind wherever you are with portable air purifiers from Trusens, available in small, medium, and large sizes. These are known to provide more accurate readings of a room’s air quality. A color-coded illuminated ring and numerical value communicate good, moderate, or poor air quality while DuPont filtration collects pollutants and neutralizes odors by automatically adapting to changing air quality conditions in an area. Consider installing a Trusens air purifier for your bedroom, living room, or home office.

Shop for air purifiers and other essential protective equipment at SM Stationery today!