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Sharpie Markers have quick-drying, water-resistant, and long-lasting ink. They come in a variety of colors and tip sizes, making them versatile and ideal for a range of applications, including drawing, labeling, and writing.

The sharpest markers

Sharpie permanent markers can be used on paper, plastic, metal, and many other surfaces. Students, artists, and professionals like them because they make bold, permanent marks, are cheap, and can be used in many ways.

Sharpie highlighters highlight critical text with brilliant, see-through ink. The water-resistant chisel tip enables broad and fine highlighting. Sharpie highlighters are durable enough for daily usage. They come in various colors, including fluorescent, pastel, and neon, which can be used to categorize information. Students, instructors, and professionals like them for their adaptability and ability to highlight material.

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker has many uses, whether you are marking paper, plastic, metal, or most other surfaces. The ink is intense, the colors are vibrant and long-lasting, and the marker's resistance to fading and water make it an excellent choice for any situation.

Sharpie Water-Based Paint Extra Fine Tip is perfect for scrapbooks, posters, and window art projects. The extra-fine tip lays down ultra-sharp lines, and the water- and fade-resistant ink won't bleed through heavyweight paper.  These Sharpie Markers’ ink is water-based, acid-free, archival quality, and AP certified.

Quality you can trust

Sharpie Markers offer bold, permanent marks with quick-drying, water-resistant, and long-lasting ink. Ideal for use in the classroom, office, or home, these markers come in intense, eye-catching colors and feature a versatile fine-point tip. Get vibrant impressions with Sharpie Markers.  Buy the best marker pens online now at!