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Elmer's Gue Pre-Made Cosmic Shimmer Slime

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Our smooth, ELMERS GUE 118ML COSMIC SHIMMER GUE is perfect for making slime at home, in the classroom or just about anywhere! Get ready to experience the ultimate sensory delight with Elmer's Gue Pre-Made Cosmic Shimmer Slime. This unique slime is perfect for all slime enthusiasts out there who love to play with textures and colors.

  • Cosmic Shimmer: The shimmering effect of the slime is perfect for creating a cosmic effect which will keep you entertained for hours.
  • Pre-Made: No need to mix or measure, this pre-made slime can be used straight out of the container, saving you time and effort.
  • Sensory Play: The texture and malleability of this Elmer's Gue Slime make it a great tool for sensory play which can help improve focus, relieve stress, and enhance creativity.
  • Pre-made slime, ready-to-play straight out of the jar
  • Shimmery, shiny slime
  • Failed with beautiful blue, purple, and pink colors
  • Safe, non-toxic formula makes it ideal for kids
  • Package Dimension: 20cmx1.5cmx15.3cm

The cosmic shimmering effect combined with its unique texture makes it an ideal gift option that will keep kids entertained during long car rides or rainy days. Get your hands on some Elmer's Gue Pre-Made Cosmic Shimmer Slime today!