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Good Stuff Tote Bag Black & Katsa - Medium

SKU: 10091697

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Carry your essentials in style with our Good Stuff Tote Bag - Medium.

  • High-quality material for durability and comfort
  • Medium size for everyday use
  • Inspired by the iconic GW design
  • Discover the possibilities with our Good Stuff Tote Bag - Medium, designed with spacious 34cm x 13cm x 30cm dimension (without zipper) and sturdy Katsa material!

This tote bag is the perfect accessory for any outfit and occasion. Its high-quality material ensures durability while providing optimal comfort during use. The medium size makes it ideal for carrying your everyday essentials such as books, a laptop, or gym clothes.

The design of this tote bag is inspired by the iconic GW style, making it a must-have item for any fan of this brand or anyone looking to add some timeless elegance to their wardrobe.