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Illustration Board 3-Ply 10X15" 5 Pieces per Pack

SKU: 10008378

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  • High-quality boards perfect for inking, ruling, air brushing or matting
  • Accepts wide range of wet and dry media-watercolor, pastels, markers, charcoal, ink and colored pencils

The Illustration Board 3-Ply 10X15" 5 Pieces per Pack from SM Stationery is the perfect choice for artists and designers looking for a high-quality board to make art projects and more. This Topline illustration board from Advance is designed for both wet and dry media, including watercolors, pastels, markers, charcoal, ink, and colored pencils. 

Perfect for inking, ruling, airbrushing, and matting, this illustration board has a high-quality smooth surface that allows for precise inking, ruling, and matting, so you can show off your finished artwork in a professional way. Meanwhile, the sturdy 3-ply construction ensures that it can handle the rigors of airbrushing without warping or buckling.

So if you're looking for an illustration board that can handle a wide range of media and is built to last, add to your cart this Topline Illustration Board from SM Stationery today!