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Limelight 366 Weekly 2024 Planner

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The eco-friendly Limelight 366 Weekly Planner is the ideal option for individuals seeking to combine a dedication to environmental conservation with a structured lifestyle. In addition to helping you remain on track with your goals, this planner will make a positive impact on the environment with its sustainable materials and daily reminders to make eco-conscious decisions.


  • Ribbon
  • Elastic Band lock
  • Magnetic bookmark
  • 3 Stickers
  • Inside Pocket

Inner Sheets

  • Ivory Paper
  • 80 GSM
  • 208lvs
  • Dotted Pages
  • Make your own list
  • Monthly Goals
  • Birthday Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Expenses Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Notes
  • Gift List and Ideas
  • Bucket List
  • Monthly Goals

**Engraving of name is not included.

The Limelight 366 Weekly 2024 Planner is your companion on the journey to a more structured and eco-friendly lifestyle. Its sustainable materials offer peace of mind, while the well-thought-out design ensures that every aspect of your life is catered to responsibly.

Specially designed with both eco-consciousness and utility in mind, the 2024 Weekly Calendar Organizer boasts 208 leaves of creamy ivory, 80 GSM dotted pages, perfect for those who love the freedom of bullet journaling or merely enjoy a clean, minimal aesthetic. 

The durable, ribbon bookmark, elastic band lock, and magnetic bookmark ensure you stay on track, while the inside pocket keeps loose papers secure. An array of three stickers offers a dash of personality to your planning ritual.

Discover a variety of specialized pages, curated to capture every facet of your life. Whether setting monthly goals, tracking your savings, or keeping a list of emergency contacts, this weekly calendar planner for 2024 has a dedicated spot for it. It’s your center for compiling gift ideas, crafting bucket lists, or noting important birthdays.