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Pilot BP-S Ball Pen Fine 0.7mm

SKU: 10000197

Total Qty Avalaible : 58

  • Classic ballpoint stick pen with ribbed grip for comfort
  • Stainless steel tip; Oil-based ink
  • Smooth writing
  • Color of the pen barrel is same as the ink.

Introducing the Pilot BP-S Ball Pen, the classic ballpoint pen that will take your writing experience to the next level! With its ribbed grip design, you'll enjoy a comfortable writing experience that will keep your hand relaxed even during those long writing sessions. The stainless 0.7mm ballpoint tip ensures that your writing is smooth and consistent every time, making this pen perfect for both personal and professional use. 

One of the most impressive features of this Pilot ballpen is its ink-to-barrel color match. The color of the pen barrel is the same as the ink, making it easy to identify the color you need at a glance. Get it in an available variety of colors such as black, blue, red, violet, green, and pink.

So whether you're taking notes, filling out a form, or writing a letter, you can choose a Pilot BP-S Ball Pen in a color that suits your mood or preference. Try it out today and experience the joy of effortless writing! Add to cart now via SM Stationery.