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Pilot Frixion Point Clicker 0.5mm - Black

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Pilot Frixion Point Clicker’s elegant and slim design will charm those who prefer slender and modern writing instruments. This pen also includes a practical clip. Its high tech synergy tip has been engineered with a ball that rolls evenly due to multiple dimples preventing the scratchy sensation on your paper. The large ink capacity inside the tip allows a neat stroke from the very beginning. The 0.5mm fine tip lets you write with incredible precision when compared to other cone rollerballs. Aside from the incredible synergy tip, this pen has another fantastic feature, which is the incredible performance of Pilot’s thermo-sensitive ink. Thanks to this, your writing disappears by friction and you can rewrite immediately with the same pen. Simply rub out your mistakes with the eraser stud and watch the ink disappear as if by magic.


  • The revolutionary “Frixion” ink is a thermo-sensitive gel ink
  • The color of the ink becomes colorless (“disappears”) due to the heat generated by friction when rubbing the rubber tail plug of the pen on the paper
  • The writing is erased without debris. Frixion-series pens can write repeatedly on the same spot with the same pen
  • Frixion ink becomes colorless (becomes “erased”) upon reaching 60℃
  • To restore color, cool to -10℃ in freezer. Restored writing may be smudged and fainter than the original writing
  • Retractable
  • Synergy point
  • Refillable
  • Type: Ballpoint pen
  • Ink: Water-based gel (Thermo-sensitive)
  • Tip: Stainless steel
  • Ball Diameter: 0.5mm
  • Width of Stroke: 0.25mm
  • Package Dimension: 1.5cm x 1.5cm x 14cm