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Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 0.5mm Black

SKU: 10000198

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The Hi-Tecpoint V5 needle-point liquid ink pen is the much loved classic roller ball pen. The pen has a convenient clear barrel and a sturdy metal clip.

Pilot’s V-System is a revolutionary liquid ink system that delivers exceptional performance and convenience. Its Pen Tip Ink Controller, based on Pilot’s fountain pen technology, ensures constant flow of ink through capillary action. The Air Tight and Through Mechanism (ATT) System in the cap eliminates common problems with liquid ink pens such as dry pen point, ink botching, and ink leak.

Type: Roller ball pen
Ink: Water-based
Tip: Stainless steel pipe
Ball Diameter: 0.5mm
Width of Stroke: 0.30mm
Weight: 9.7g

Refill: Non-refillable