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Zebra Double Tip Permanent Marker Black MO-120

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This Zebra Double Tip Permanent Marker in Black MO-120 is a versatile writing tool that can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • The marker features two tips, one fine and one broad, for precise and bold lines.
  • With its comfortable grip design, the marker allows you to write with ease without experiencing any strain on your hand.
  • Suitable for paper, fabric, wood, carboard, glass, plastic, metal, vinyl and other materials
  • Quick-drying and water resistant draw both thick and fine lines with one pen
  • Double ended permanent marker
  • Alcohol-based ink
  • For wide range of surfaces
  • Rapid dry ink
  • Waterproof, fadeproof ink
  • Bullet point: 1.0-1.3mm
  • Needle point: 0.5mm
  • Dimension size: 2cmx1.5cmx15.3cm

This Zebra Double Tip Permanent Marker in Black MO-120 is perfect for artists or anyone who needs a reliable writing tool. With its dual tips you'll be able to create both fine and bold lines with ease. The permanent ink ensures your notes or artwork will withstand the test of time making it an ideal choice whether you're using it at work or home.